Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Meeting the Patel's

(November, 2007)

Well Sweetheart, we met Dr. Nayna & Dr. Hitesh Patel today
What a wonderful couple they are! We lingered around Dr. Hitesh's office most of the day getting paperwork finished and just chatting. Your Father is quite the gabber and had a great time with Hitesh...me too! They even took your Father and I to their home in Anand for drinks. How kind of them to do this.

Since we were in India before alot of the media got involved there really weren't too many Americans, British, nor Canadians..as we were the first Canadians to jouney to Dr. Patel. Her first Canadian clients. We were surprised.

There was a lovely American couple there. A Doctor and his wife from Maryland...picking up there baby. So we got to see their beautiful little boy. What a doll. It made or trip seem so very hopeful seeing this cute little bundle. Amazing!

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