Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's Get the Ball Rolling!

(November, 2007)

Well we're here! We've been instructed on all medical procedures, what we are supposed to be doing. Can do, can't do, and when we are to do it!

So let's get the ball rolling!

I can honestly tell you that this was extremely stressful for your Dad and I.

We followed Dr. Patel's protocol and now was the infamous wait for our embryo's to grow!
To see how many would survive and be ready for the transfer.

I am not one to wait. I am ..as you will find, sweet child of mine..that your Momma wants everything done now! I am the inquisitive type. I am very patient with my babies, probably too lax on discipline (so I'm told..lol)..but it's the rest of life that I can't wait for.

So waiting to see how many embies would thrive for the transfer was a little challenging for me...Dad too!

Yaay! The wait is over...6 embryo's to transfer. Well that's the most she'll transfer.

Dr. Patel likes to do a two day transfer. I would have preferred blasts, but I didn't question her judgement...yet!

After the notorious two week wait..which could have been much worse, but we travelled through Europe while we waited...really passed the time...we were anxious and excited, but somehow Venice & Rome helped pass the time.

However, the time was approaching and we were starting to get ansy. We just wanted to know! We hovered over the laptop..just waiting for that email.

Well it's here. We were really too nervous to clik on it. The subject line had no news..nothing. So we were going to have to bite the bullet and just find out if we were "preggo".

The anticipation was killing us so we clicked on the email. Your Dad and I crumbled.
We were NOT PREGNANT! ...we cried, and cried. It felt like six of our babies had died.
We were just mortified. Stunned with disbelief. I mean how could this happen. How could you transfer six embryo's and not one implanted?

No, no, no..this just couldn't happen...but it did.
After a while we were just numb...we didn't talk about it anymore...just numb.
We emailed Dr. Patel and thanked her for her kindness, and for everything, and that was that.

It was over...simply over.


  1. That was exactly how I felt, when our first surrogate was not pregnant. Within 24 hours I had sent Dr. Patel an e-mail, asking her to find another surrogate, and within 30 days, we had a new pregnant surrogate. I had to deal with it quickly or I felt, that I would just sink into a depression and let go.

  2. I know. I understand completely. We were sinking into that depression until we got the email from Dr. Patel, and took a chance.

    We are both so lucky that we took that chance!