Saturday, May 23, 2009

Getting to Dr. Patel

(November, 2007)
We flew into Ahmedabad with Jet Airways, a short comfortable flight after an incredible six hour flight with British Airways..we made to London an hour earlier than scheduled. We were thrilled. I Love British Airways!
Anyway, after hours of long flights we settled very comfortably into Le Royal Meridien, Ahmedabad. We crashed for hours, both your Dad and I were just exhausted. We stayed for a couple of nights in Ahmedabad, ate dinner at the hotel, and did alot of shopping. We just had to hit the leather lot's of Christmas gifts cheap, cheap, cheap!
Ahmedabad is a large city and is easily travelled with rickshaws. You can pretty much buy anything you need there. Once you hit the smaller cities such as Anand you're still fine, but things become much more limited then the larger cities such as Mumbai or Delhi etc.

We took a cab from Ahmedabad to Anand. It took us about an hour and a half to get to Anand. The highway was surprisingly in very good condition. A smooth ride. The traffick was heavy, and the air was still highly polluted with car fumes, but much less then in Ahmedabad. We found it suffocating. They drive pretty wild in India, seems like no rules, only I'll honk and you let me Wow so happy to arrive alive!
Anand finally..YaaY!

Well, here we were in Anand, India, known as the Milk Capital of India. What better place to have a
We arrived at our hotel, the Laksh Residency. It wasn't the Ritz by far, but it would have to do for now. Not impressed, but so thankful to have a place to hang our hat so to speak.
We have been in contact with Dr. Patel..she knows we are coming, and is preparing everything for our arrival.
She sounds lovely, and we can't wait to meet her.


  1. I remember the days of lingering around Hitesh's office, and just bugging the hell out of him, especially when cricket came on.

  2. Yeah us too. He's too funny...such a nice guy.
    Fond memories..seems like yesterday..and yet so long ago too.