Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back in the Saddle

(January, 2008)

We were settled with the fact that we were done with surrogacy, and as we stated previously had written and thanked Dr. Patel for everything..and that was it in our minds.

It was over!

About a week later we got an email from Dr. Patel asking us how we were doing, and that she could prepare us for another cycle in January.

Your Father and I were really unsettled this time...maybe scared is the better we told you we tried this once before already Nov/Dec of 2007.

After everything we went through, and a very long two week wait, we learned the transfer didn't take.

We transferred five embryo's, a two day transfer..and nothing took.

We were just devestated!

We were so depressed over the first time, and had decided that we couldn't go through all of it again. We wanted to do it, but were scared to do it.

Financially we had to pay all over again. Thousands of dollars.
What if it failed again?
This was just too painful...just too much!
We just couldn't risk opening our hearts like that again.

However, now it just kept knawing at me... at us.

We started talking about it again. Then we started talking about maybe trying this once more, just once more.

A glimmer of hope!

I talked to Dr. Patel and told her that if we did this again that I wanted blastocysts. She was reluctant about it. I was very insistent about it and even sent her loads of literature and medical documentation on blasts. She said to me, "trust me, just trust me" I said with a huge sigh, "ok, I'll trust you." In my mind I'm thinking, this has to happen.

So in January of 2008 we prepared to try this once again.

Last time when we left India we travelled through Europe so the two week wait was difficult, but nothing compared to what we were going to face this time ...extreme torture!

We ended up transferring four embryo's...let the waiting begin.

Each minute of each day the clock seemed to just tick away so just creeped...something I never really paid attention to before.

Finally our results came in..once again no subject in the address bar.
We were terrified to clik on the email. ...but we did!

Congratulation !!!
Your Surrogate has a Positive result. Beta HCG is. Here with attach report.


Dr.Nayna Patel

Oh My God...what a SURPRISE!...we were PREGNANT. We just couldn't believe it...couldn't stop laughing and hugging..and crying. Just every emotion imaginable.

We did it.

Everytime we passed each other in the house we just smiled like two goofy kids. It's like we were sixteen again. Sky High!!!

(Feb. 1/08) Beta HCG numbers were 504.93 Yaay, Yaay!!! I thought WOW ...compared to our failed attempt at minus 2!

We were so excited we called Dr. Patel right away...just couldn't stop laughing...giddy!
Dr. Patel said, "see, I told you to trust me." I am so glad we did!

(Feb. 5/08) Beta Hcg numbers 4267.01 ..Wow! Can you just believe it!

I am great with Beta numbers and I knew this meant multiples!
Once again we were on that phone to Dr. Patel. I said to her that I knew this was multiples..she just chuckled and said in agreement that this very well could be multiples..and we would see on the scan. Oh no, not another wait...I was going to go crazy until we saw the scan.

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