Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soon Baby, Soon!

(Sunday, August 10, 2008)

Well Sweetipie, Momma was planning on flying in to be with you early! To bond with you! To feel you, feel you kick, and sing my special lullaby to you! Play your siblings music box to you! Momma's coming baby doll ... soon!

I was hoping to come to you early, to have you hear my voice! I have been told that S doesn't want that! Even though we got her a cellphone, and prayed we could call her so she could hold the phone to her that you could hear Mommy & Daddy's voices, but she doesn't want that. Not even a phonecall! That really broke my heart! So I'm coming baby.

I was planning on flying to India with another couple, and your Father would meet me later, but my Mother was becoming very upset at the thought of me leaving early, and flying into India alone! Well my sweet, you'll find out very soon that Momma has a very strong mind of her own, and I usually do what I want when I want! Not this time! I just couldn't worry your Grandmother like that. She's amazing'll find that out! She can't wait to meet you!

So I've decided to behave and wait for your Dad. Hopefully all goes well. I hate being away from you! However, it is August, and you are due in October. It won't be long now! I did write Dr. Patel with even more questions

Hello Dr. Patel,

We will be arriving in Ahmedabad on September 23rd. Do you have an apartment ready for us that night of Sept 23rd? Is this a good date? Do you think S will deliver early? We don't want to miss the delivery.

Is it an air conditioned apartment? How much do you charge for the apartment per month?

We would like the apartment that Dr. Hitesh showed us the is in the gated community, with security. We did not get to see the inside to see how big it is.

Is there a crib in the apartment for the baby?

If we decide to share the apartment with another couple, how many bedrooms and how many bathrooms are in the apartment?

If the apartment is too small I don't think we want to share with anyone.

I would like S to use a breast pump to use her milk for the baby's immune system. Yes, I will bring bottles. How many bottles should I bring?

Can we buy baby clothes there, or should I bring them from Canada?

You said that I could be in the delivery room for the birth. Will the baby be handed to me or to S?

It is getting very close to the birth. Can you tell me if the baby is a girl or a boy? We both don't care...and we just want a healthy baby, but we just wondered since it is so close if you could tell us?

Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful weekend...and I hope you have some time to take a break for yourself. What would any of us do without you? You are an angel sent from God.

With Warm Regards

I wasn't expecting some of the answers that I got!


Well we can not guarantee that appartment for you so you have to think of alternative arrangement - may be a hotel.

We will ask S if she is ready to give breast milk.

The baby will be handed over to you.

As of now she does not see to go for early delivery.

...that was it! I didn't think that Dr. Patel would tell me if you are a little boy or a little girl! It's against Indian Law to do so, but I am pretty sure I know already!

Wow, I am just thrilled that you will be handed to me, after all, I am your Mother!
I will always love S for carrying you for me! What a beautiful selfless act she has done for me. I know her life will prosper with the gifts she has received from us. What an amazing exchange of Love we have given to each other!

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