Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Siblings Birthday Luck!

(July 31, 2008)

Well Baby Doll, we're heading around the bend, or over the hump as they say! Or your cute baby bump!

We celebrated your Sibling's birthday yesterday, and I think that brought you some good luck! Fabulous news!

We saw your scan today and everything is just fine! YaaY!!!!

Your beautiful heart rate was 150 BPM. Renal Pylectasis is extremely dominant in little boys. Your Dad and I are just thrilled that it has cleared. Your ultrasound scan was just perfect, and even though the fluid in your Renal Pelvis is completely cleared, combined with your heart rate, I just know you're a boy! I keep telling your Dad that..he just smiles. I know he is secretly hoping you're a boy! As they say, "Momma knows best, lol"

In all honesty, we just want you happy & healthy, little boy or little girl.


Single fetus, Cephalic presentation

Anterior placenta, no previa Gr. 1.

Fetal growth & AF normal

No fetal malformation

Follow up at 36 weeks

I Love looking at your scans! I Love looking at you, sweet child of mine!

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  1. I so remember going through the same thing, around the same time as you. This brings back so many memories. We are ready to start round two.