Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Whole New Story!

(June 12, 2008)

Well May was GREAT! No news is good news...right?
On June 11th you had another ultrasound scan done.
We received it on June 12th.
All was good on it until I read the bottom..."the comment" box.

Mild Pelviectesis of left kidney noted.
Follow up at 34 weeks.

Something gutwrenching hit my stomach. Mild Pelviectasis!
All I could see was something wrong with your kidney. Fluid on the pelvis of his kidney, at least mild at this point! This was not the time to be negative. It was mild so that was good! It normally fixes itself before birth and doesn't become a problem. Or it could get worse, and once you are born there would be a pending surgery..or worse. We tried to stay positive and just see what happens.
(Pelviectasis or Fetal pelviectasis or pyelectasis typically consists of a mild enlargement of the central area, or “pelvis,” of the kidney. It's when a tube from the kidney gets kinked.) It ususally corrects itself. Praying it does.

We were worried sick though...not kidney problems. Not our little baby! All we could do was watch for the next scan..and wait! I tried not to think about it..yeah right! I couldn't wait for the next scan to see if it had cleared on its own.

One thing I did know was that Renal Pylectasis is extremely dominant in little boys ...and since Indian Law prevents the Doctor from telling Parents if it is a boy or girl ... I didn't need the Doctor to tell me now...pretty sure you are a boy. However, little girls get this too, so I couldn't be positive.
I was pretty sure though. Oh, and by the way little sweetheart, your heartrate on this scan was 132 bpm...also indicitive of a little boy. I was pretty convinced. I told your Dad what I thought...he chuckled..he thinks your Mom is pretty funny!

I will tell you that we will be thrilled for a little boy, or a little girl ... just as long as you're healthy!

I tried to keep busy, just not to think ... I must not be busy enough because I just couldn't stop thinking about it.
It's just that it's so hard not being near you, feeling you kick, thousands of miles away from you. So extremely isolating! I was ready to hop on the next plane.


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