Friday, August 7, 2009

Getting Ready for Reality!

(July 17, 2008)

Well, our sweet child, your Mom & Dad are getting prepared to come to India for your delivery. I am planning on flying in earlier then your Father to bond with you.

I have your brother's music box to play repeatedly for you. I have my special little lullaby that I used to sing to your siblings that would amazingly calm them. Your suitcase is packed..mine isn't

Hopefully our Surrogate is happy with having me under foot 24/ I doubt it! ..and maybe not quite 24/7. I want to fly in and get a home in a gated community prepareing for your arrival. Hitesh showed us a unit during our initial visit that looked just fine. A home that would be quite comfortable for all of us, at least until we got you home. I had no idea at the time how much I would kiss the ground of our own home.
Yes, home sweet home & there's no place like it, and so on, and so on!

I was thrilled to see alot of security on the grounds. It was like this little Shangri-la away from all of the hustle and bustle of Anand. A sanctuary that I would be happy to live in until we could come home. The town houses were all painted white, with concrete walkways, lovely flowers, fresh air, and sweet, sweet solitude. This would suit me just fine!

Your Dad and I were hoping so badly that we wouldn't have to stay a lengthy time, and that we wouldn't be required to undergo DNA testing. I mean the Doctor's paperwork & word was enough right? Plus U. S. couples didn't have to go through DNA testing and were usually in and out in just two or three weeks. We shouldn't be too far off!

I wrote to Dr. Patel asking her some questions regarding her thoughts on time frames, the accommodations etc. Her reply sent us into somewhat of a bit of a tail spin.


1/ The expected date is 6th October please come here by 20th September
2/ As long as you get visas for the babies you have to stay - may be 3 months.
3/ If the baby is ok, you can take her in 2 days with you
4/ Paperwork and DNA is in Delhi.
5/ The townhouse is air-conditioned housed will you share house with another Canadian couple?
This way you will have company share the cost.

Dr.Nayna Patel

1/ The first thing that made our hair stand on end was "a stay maybe 3 months!" What the Frickin Frack was that??? 3 MONTHS! No Frickin Frackin WAY....
2/ Taking YOU to our sanctuary in 2 days sounded great to me!
3/ Going to Delhi was alright, even though we had been dealing with a very kind, helpful man in Mumbai, and when we had dealt with Delhi they were a bunch of "cold fish!" Not Impressed!!!
4/ What about our "sanctuary!" "Our Shangri-la." Not that we minded sharing with someone else since we didn't want to leave anyone out in the to speak..especially in India! However, we were expecting to have this house to ourselves. How would this other couple feel about sharing a home...with everyone's screaming babies. eeeeek!

Your Dad and I talked everything over. Having someone with us would be nice as long as the house was big. The company actually would be great. I would feel alot safer that way. If we ended up there 3 months, then so be it. It wasn't what we wanted, but whatever is going to be!

At least we knew what to look forward to, and we were a little more educated about what was going to happen.

We needed to stay focused and just move forward. Next stop, India!

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